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In the quiet distant forest, a girl was walking on a dirt path by herself. She was walking for hours now looking for a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the setting, weather and animals. She loved animals. It didn’t matter if it was a creature from Earth or from another world. She walked too a small clearing, spotting an old log. She smiled to her self as she sat down on it relaxing and looking around her surroundings. Closing her eyes and smelling the scent of the Earth within the air, she got the feeling she was in a new world. She stopped and her eyes snapped open to a noise coming from a nearby bush. It was rustling next to her and she turned her head quickly, examining it till she heard a tiny screech. Looking down she couldn't help but gasp at a worm like alien. It appeared to be eyeless and had four small mandibles around it’s mouth. Black and light green was its skin color with a spot on the side of its head. It screeched again in such a little cute way. The girl got on one knee and put one hand out toward the small wormlike creature. “Come here, I won't hurt you.” She said, noticing that the creature looked a bit weak. It cautiously crawled toward the young girl, making small clicking noises, till it was in the palm of her hand. It slowly sniffed around her hand and it softly purred. She thought it was alright, so she pet the small thing. It flinched but purred at her warm hands. It felt cold as it snuggled against her hand. The girl smiled as she pick it up and examined at it closely “You are so cute, but such strange little guy. poor thing, you must be hungry and cold” The girl said as she held the worm creature close to her. She went to pick up her bag and started heading back to a cabin she was living in. About few hours later, she made it back home. She looked to her left and noticed the sun was setting. It was getting dark, so she quickly went inside her home holding the small creature. As she closed the door behind her, she walked to her kitchen and placed the little worm creature down on the table. She turned her back on it, as to Bring it food. The creature thought - this human is sweet. A sweet female human, this must be her home then. Good - It thought as it purred to itself, noticing her opening something that smelled strangely good. It tried to slowly crawl close, wanting to see what she had in her hands. The girl turned around and in her hand was a small flat plate with tuna on it as she walked to the little creature and placed the plate in front of it. -What's this?- It thought as it stared at the plate, inching closer and dipping his tiny second mouth to the tuna tasting it. - It tastes very good. Fishy and juicy. - It purred loudly and started eating all the tuna quickly. “Oh my, you must be very hungry. Poor little thing, where’s your mommy?” She asked, watching the worm creature lap at its food.


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